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What Our Residents Say… Gardens of Pottstown

I like this place a lot! I’m in the tenth day of my second stay. I was here six years ago for rehabilitation after a triple compound fracture of my ankle. The mother of one of my best friends spent her final days here, my mother-in-law recuperated here after a body chemistry shift, and I’m now here getting IVs for an infection in my blood stream. It’s a pretty place nestled deep in some old Pennsylvanian woodlands. Deer bounce all over the place. I walk macadam trails laden with the beautifully colored leaves of late October and early November. It’s a glorious early November, and I feel better for seeing green grass, Jack Frost’s painted leaves, and Mother Nature’s gifts of autumn. The physical and occupational staff members help me get up and get out. I have a profound sleeping problem complicated with wilding high glucose in my veins, right now, so I appreciate the PT and OT people putting up with me to the point of accommodating my problems that go beyond the scope of their duties. The nursing staff, however, is the best. Twenty-four-seven they bring excellent medical understanding, logical perspective, and genuinely compassionate care to my bedside. Excellence also is the mark of the kitchen, cleaning, activities and property maintenance staffs. Meals are good. They are mildly seasoned and could be accompanied with a few more condiments, but they’re brought to me, or held a while, until someone on staff tracks me down … in my room … on a porch … or seated by a window. Such service seems to me to be above and beyond the call of duty. There are two places where I sit in the sunshine, and the rain: a front patio, and a covered, side porch. The fresh air is lovely. Inside is a tad warm for me, but the older residents seem to like that a lot. The facility, probably built mid-fifties, always is clean. It doesn’t sparkle, though. It’s dated, like me! It’s sort of like staying at a hotel in the Pocono mountains only it’s built for 41 guests that meld and act like an extended family. Visitors are welcome all day long, and the front room with its crackling fireplace and BIG screen TV is pet friendly, so if my big, gray cat Jake would want to visit, he could; but he doesn’t! So, I get to go out. Every afternoon, my husband either takes me out for coffee or runs me home to visit snotty Jake. We’re never quite sure at what hour I might be returning, but that’s OK, The Gardens leave the light on for me!

-Diane Shaffer Yanis Bingham