Specialty Care

Specialty care is one of our main priorities. Our focus is to partner with acute care providers to better manage and service patients with complex care needs in a post-acute setting and to meet needs of each community.

Short Term Rehab

Every resident receives a customized care plan designed to meet their unique needs. We make sure that each and every resident has the right treatment at the right time. Whether your loved one has an illness, injury, or needs specialized treatment for complex care needs, we will work our hardest to help them recover fully and live a comfortable life after returning home.

Our short-term rehabilitation bridges the gap between hospital and home. Specially trained and physician-led team of physical, speech, and occupational therapists come up with a custom plan to improve confidence, strength, and independence for your loved one. Our caring staff can help your loved one return home quickly after recovering from illness or injury.

Our Rehab Therapy Program Offers:
• Physical therapy for everything from broken bones to stroke recovery
• Speech therapy to help with talking, chewing, and smiling
• Occupational therapy to inspire independence
• Advanced rehab equipment and dedicated rehab gym

Our commitment to our residents extends beyond their date of discharge as our caring staff will follow up with our residents to ensure that they are receiving all of their necessary services within the community and are not experiencing any decline post discharge.

Long Term Care

The first priority in long-term care is getting to know your loved one. From food preferences to music taste to learning about their life before they got here, we want to make them feel right at home. We work with your loved one in a relaxed atmosphere to gain confidence and independence.

Skilled Staff

• Caring staff to treat your loved ones with sensitivity, confidence, and compassion
• On site 24/7 to help residents enjoy life with dignity
• Help with daily activities, like getting dressed, bathing, and moving

First-class Food

Delicious, balanced meals and snacks served in warm, homey dining areas for chewing and chatting

Proactive Programs

Programs and activities each day to keep residents thinking, moving, and laughing

Hospice Care

Our goal is to provide all-inclusive care for every one of our residents, whether they need short-term rehab, have a long-term condition, or a life-limiting illness. For those that are reaching the end of their life’s journey, we provide a safe haven of compassionate care and comfort. Our staff anticipates everything our residents need, giving families and residents peace of mind.

The hospice care services offered by our facilities are coordinated by physicians, staff, and families to make sure we have all our bases covered. As the condition of our residents change, services may change to provide the most comfort during this time. Reliable 24/7 care is a requirement for each of our residents in hospice care.

Is hospice care right for your situation? If your loved one’s life expectancy is 6 months or less and they need constant pain and symptom management (rather than treatment for a curable illness or injury), hospice care may be the best choice. Please contact us today to talk to a care specialist if you have further questions.

respite services

Respite Services

Are you taking care of a loved one? When is the last time you took a weekend off—or even an hour? Taking care of yourself helps you take better care of your loved ones. That’s where respite services come in. We welcome your loved one into our family for as long as you want us to care for them. With 24/7 care, assistance with medication, daily living activities, and help at mealtimes, we make sure they are well taken care of. If your loved one is active, they’re encouraged to join in on programs, including games, music, and art. We’ll treat your family as our own—with love.

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