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YOU are OUR priority.
Short-term rehab and long-term skilled nursing care with dignity and compassion.


The Gardens at West Shore is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, adjacent to Geisinger Holy Spirit Hospital. Our post-acute care unit offers short-term rehabilitation with a wide range of therapies. Our long-term unit provides experienced and compassionate care to residents who stay for more than 90 days.

We hire people that are caring, honest, and hard-working that keep our residents and families as our number one priority. Our caregivers use their training and experience to enrich the lives of our residents. We're proud of the dedicated people who share in our commitment to put residents first, improve quality of life and provide excellent care with compassion and dignity.

We encourage families to visit, dine, and celebrate with us during birthdays and holidays. We listen when you have feedback and work hard to keep you priority number one.

Are you considering rehab or nursing home care for yourself or a loved one? Call us today at 717.763.7070 to arrange a tour.
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Short Term Care
Our goal is to help your loved one return home quickly after recovering from illness or injury.

Every resident receives a customized care plan designed to meet their unique needs and to improve confidence, strength, and independence for your loved one.

We make sure that residents have the right treatment provided by a team of physical, speech, and occupational therapists.

Whether your loved one has an illness, injury, or needs specialized treatment for complex care needs, we will work our hardest to help them recover fully and live a comfortable life after returning home.
Long Term Care
The first priority in long-term care is getting to know your loved one.

From food preferences to music taste to learning about their life before they got here, we want to make them feel right at home.

Caring staff is on site 24/7 to treat your loved ones with sensitivity, confidence, and compassion in a relaxed atmosphere to help ensure their confidence and independence.
Specialty Care
Our focus is to partner with acute care providers to better manage and service patients with complex care needs in a post-acute setting and to meet needs of each community.
Are you considering rehab or nursing home care for yourself or a loved one?
Call us today at 717.763.7070 to arrange a tour.


The Meadows at West Shore Video


AseraCare Hospice - York, PA
A special thank you to the staff at The Gardens of West Shore for the beautiful prom they arranged for the patients.
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful event!
The patients had a ...
The Gardens at West Shore
#BackToSchool #WestShore #Charity #KeepingItLocal
The Gardens at West Shore
We step in... so you can step out!
#SummerRespite #Caregivers #WestShore #PHG
The Gardens at West Shore

The Gardens at West Shore would like to extend a big congratulations to our latest group of advancing CNA's, upon her graduation from the CNA Enhancement Course! Keep making us proud! #Graduation #CNA #Congrats #WestShore #PHG
Thank you for allowing our youth to hold a Recital last Saturday at the Gardens. It was a true joy!

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