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Priority Healthcare Group

is a network of nursing homes in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, and Vermont. Whether you’re looking for long-term care at a skilled nursing facility, short-term rehabilitation, hospice care, dialysis care, vent care, cardiac care, or even respite services, Priority Healthcare Group gives you and your loved ones the care you deserve, right in your neighborhood.

At Priority Healthcare Group, we deliver the highest level of post-acute care. What does that mean? Hiring people that are caring, honest, and hard-working. Providing facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. Making sure buildings are up-to-date and constantly improving. Offering unique specialty care programs. And, of course, keeping our residents and families as our number one priority.

5 Star Rated Facilities


Chicopee Gardens Honors Local EMS With Barbecue Lunch

Pennsylvania Nursing Home, The Gardens at Orangeville, Honors Volunteers at Annual Appreciation Dinner

Waterbury Nursing Home Awarded Four Stars by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

The Gardens at East Mountain, Announces Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program – Region’s First!

Palmyra Nursing Homes Awarded Five-Stars by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

Music, Food, and Dance Enhances Nursing Home Residents Lives at The Gardens at York Terrace

Westfield Gardens Awarded Five-Star Rating by CMS

East Mountain Video